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  • Mother of two young children, equal & contributing partner for 27 years

  • Proven track record in starting and making small business

  • Worked and lived in Richmond Hill since 2001

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Who Am I?

Mahnaz Shahbazi is a mother of two young children, equal and contributing partner to her husband, for 27 years. She is a strong and dedicated community activist and a successful business woman. She has been an active participant in many government level civic activities and elections. She has lived and worked in Richmond Hill since 2001. 

Mahnaz having immigrated to Canada, with a degree in economics, she pursued her passion of social work. She found this would present a well balance of economic and social element to her educational portfolio. Mahnaz gained a new perspective to life that would her accomplish her goals further down the line.

Mahnaz Shahbazi

Serving the Community

With the focus of full and rapid integration into the Canadian society, Mahnaz worked many full time and part time jobs as she pursued her goal to establish a business within her new community, all along maintaining her involvement in serving the people around her. In 2003, Mahnaz established her first venture. With the focus on expansion and serving abrader community activities. In 2006, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to open her current business, Shiraz Restaurant, located in Richmond Hill. Shiraz Restaurant has since been a successful business and has also served as a community centre for many social and community based activities.

Mahnaz Shahbazi

A lifelong volunteer and community activist

She is a lifelong volunteer and community activist. She has hosted many events over the years and has volunteered in many campaigns and fundraising efforts for federal, provincial and municipal governments. At Shiraz Restaurant she hosted many fundraising events for Sick Kids, Mental Health Awareness, Orphans, Abused Women, Heart and Stroke and other charity organizations.
In 2018, Mahnaz Shahbazi was nominated as a finalist by the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, in the Hospitality category, business awards. She also received the Persian Business Award, because of her hard work and determination.
Mahnaz has made it her mission not only to assimilate and become successful but also to give back and make a positive difference in the lives of others in the country and this community which has provided her with so much. She intends to use her business experience and her passion for the community to make Richmond Hill a better place to live and work.